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Casting Artie: Another case of able-bodied privilege?

There's been a lot of talk around last night's episode, specifically around whether or not Artie should be played by a disabled actor. This post has been linked to in another community. From Fancast:
Disabled advocates vs. ‘Glee’

The protest: Some disabled Hollywood actors protested last night’s episode of ‘Glee,’ because it focused on Artie, the wheelchair bound member of the glee club, who is played by a non-disabled actor, Kevin McHale.

Protesting the protest: That anyone would call Ryan Murphy’s series discriminatory fails the laugh-test almost immediately. Last night not only dealt with the trials that Artie must go through on a daily basis while being handicapped, but also the fallout from Kurt coming out of the closet. And did I mention that the episode featured not one, but two actresses affected with Down syndrome? We defy you to find another show airing in primetime that would deal with one of these issues, let alone all three in one episode. This is a show that prides itself on acceptance and understanding. That McHale isn’t handicapped doesn’t make it less so. What’s next: Teen actors protesting that Cory Monteith is actually 27 years old and not 17?
The blurb, though a bit flawed in its reasoning (it didn't really address the issue and was more "Yeah, I know they didn't cast someone who was really in a wheelchair, but look at all the AWESOME things they did in this episode"), still raises some interesting questions.

- Should Artie be played by a disabled actor?
- What does this mean for the actors/actresses who do not have the same disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. of his/her character?
- Is the previous question valid? Are these things even comparable?

There have been a few good points made on the main community, but I was curious as to what all of you at glee_meta thought.
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